Folder Designer - User Guide

Last Updated: Jun 16, 2017 08:30AM IST

The aim of Folder Designer is to be the sleekest yet simplest tool for customizing Folders on your Mac. It allows for unique looking folders that feature diverse icons, patterns and/or background colors.


First Launch and Using the App:


The app functions as a standalone app. This means that as soon as you have downloaded the app and launched it, it’ll run off your Dock and the main app screen will appear before you.


The app gives you the option of designing a custom folder icon, which can then be applied to any folder on your hard drive. 

Changing the Image Icon of a Folder:


When the ‘Icon’ tab is highlighted, you can apply a custom icon of the Folder. Click the blank grey box titled ‘Click to select an icon’  and you will be presented with a screen where you can choose from a wide selection of pre-installed icons we have included within the app, as seen below:

Alternatively, you can select an icon of your own choice by clicking ‘Select Custom Icon…’, where you are presented with a Finder window where you can locate an image of your liking, click on it and the press ‘Choose’ at the bottom right corner of the Finder window. 


Editing an Icon’s Appearance:


Once you have selected an icon, you can adjust the size and appearance of this icon on the Folder. 

To adjust the size, the simplest way is to drag the ‘Scale’ bar to the percentage preference of your choice. Simply click on the drag button on the scale bar and adjust accordingly. 

To adjust the position, you can directly click on the icon and drag it around onto any position on the Folder as you please.

Editing the Background Tint Color of a Folder:

You can further enhance and customize the appearance of your Folder by editing the background color for it. If you want to set a new color to your Folder rather than the default light blue shade, ensure that the ‘Enabled’ tick box is checked. Use the ‘Tint Color’ box to select a custom color and style of your choice and you will immediately be able to see a colored Folder on your screen.

Changing the Pattern of a Folder:


Changing the pattern on a Folder works in much the same way of changing an icon on a Folder. Simply ensure that you are on the ‘Pattern’ tab within the app and not on the ‘Icon’ tab any longer. Editing the pattern lets you choose any image to appear on your Folder in the exact color and style of that image, rather than an embossed icon as is the case with a customized icon option within this app.


Once you are on the ‘Pattern’ tab, click on the blank square to choose a pattern from your Mac. Once done, you can adjust the scale and position of the pattern in the exact same steps as you can with an icon, as explained above. You can adjust the color in the same way as well. Here is an example of a pattern on a folder that has been scaled and adjusted to individual tastes:

Applying/Removing Customizations on a Folder:


Once you are satisfied with the choice of icon/pattern/background color on a Folder, you can apply it to a Folder of your choice. To do so, click on the ‘Apply to a Folder’ button at the bottom left corner of the app window. You will be presented with a Finder window that lets you select any existing Folder on your Mac to have these changes applied to. Select a Folder of your liking and hit ‘Choose’. You can then view the Folder on your computer and you will notice that it has now changed in appearance to the selections you made to it. Sometimes this can take a few minutes or may require a system restart.


If you want to remove the changes you have previously applied to a Folder, you can click on the ‘Restore a Folder’ button at the bottom of the app window. You will again be presented with a Finder window where you can select the exact Folder you want to have restored to its default appearance. Select a Folder, click ‘Choose’ and then the Folder will be restored to its original appearance.
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