InstaReel - User Guide

Last Updated: Mar 02, 2015 11:19AM GMT

InstaReel is an incredibly lightweight yet beautifully crafted app that makes it incredibly easy to browse your Instagram feed, like/comment on images/videos and discover new content via its powerful search. 


*Please note* - Due to the limitations of the official Instagram API, InstaReel and any third party Instagram app like ours cannot legally support photo uploading. Only the official Instagram mobile app allows this feature. If Instagram make a change to their policies, we will immediately update the app to allow photo uploading as well.


First Launch:


The app functions as a menubar app. This means that as soon as you download the app and launch it, it’ll appear in the top menubar on your Mac’s screen as a small camera roll icon, and by default the app window will hover on your desktop and not be attached to your menubar.


Upon the first launch, you will notice that you will be presented with a login screen requiring you to sign in to your Instagram account. Please enter your username and password and this will directly connect securely to your Instagram account. We do not capture or store any of your personal data.


To create an Instagram account, you must do so via their official mobile application.

Using the App:


Once logged on, by default, you will be presented with your Instagram feed laid out with clear images from the users you follow. The word ‘Feed’ will appear on the top of the app window.

The other app functions are as follows:

Flag Icon: This icon shows you all the new notifications you have. This includes notifications about any new followers you have, any comments on your photos/videos, any photos you have been tagged in, etc.


Feed Icon: As before, this shows the Instagram feeds and latest photos from those users that you follow.


Star Icon: This shows a feed of popular and trending photos on Instagram at that moment.


Heart Icon: This shows your Favourites, i.e. photos and videos you have liked. 


Face Icon: This shows your own Instagram Profile and Photo feed.


Magnifying Glass Icon: This allows you to use the powerful search to locate users/search hashtags.


Liking Photos/Videos and Leaving Comments:


In order to like a photo/video on your feed or on a user’s profile, you can click on it and when it opens up the image/video, you can click on the heart icon at the bottom and it will turn red. Alternatively, when viewing a photo/video on the feed itself, you will see in the expanded view a heart icon. Clicking on the icon will like that image/video.


To leave a comment, you need to click on the desired photo/video until it has opened the dedicated image/video page for that corresponding item. There, you will be able to see any photo/video description there exists for that item and you can scroll down and consequently leave a comment as well.


Additional Features:


You can further use the app in a way that you find best. Please take a look at some of the additional icons below:

Gear Icon: This opens the Preferences menu where you have a host of options to customize the app to your tastes, including allowing the app to start at login, modifying the hotkey to run the app with, running the app via your Dock, change notification sounds and more.

Anchor Icon: Clicking the ‘Anchor’ icon keeps the InstaReel app window running not only as a background app (so it doesn’t minimise), but it keeps the app above all other apps running on your screen. In a way, it locks/anchors the app to the front of your screen on your Mac. You can click the ‘Anchor’ down again to disable this feature.


Arrow Icon: Clicking the arrow icon when it is pointing upwards attaches the app to the menubar. The app is now locked to your menubar on the top of your screen. When in menubar mode, you can click the arrow downwards and this detaches it from the menubar and you can place the app window anywhere on your screen.


Refresh Icon: Click this on any page to refresh that page at that very moment.


Resizing and Positioning the App Window:


When the app window is running detached from the menubar (see Arrow Icon subsection above), you can drag the app window from any corner to reposition it on your screen and also resize it as you desire.
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