Timeless - User Guide

Last Updated: Jun 16, 2017 08:30AM IST

Timeless is the best and most gorgeous alarm clock and reminder app for your Mac. With its beautiful and easy to use interface, Timeless is a pleasure to use and will integrate seamlessly into your workflow.


First Launch:


The app functions as a menubar app. This means that as soon as you download the app and launch it, it’ll appear in the top menubar on your Mac’s screen as a small clock icon, and by default the app window will hover on your desktop as a floating window.


Upon the first launch, you will notice that you will be presented with the Timeless app window, which will contain no alarms as this is the first time the app has been opened. The screen will say ’No Alarms’.


The app window on top will feature a particular colour. In the example below, the colour is dark blue. The colour of the user interface depends on the time of day/time set on your Mac’s clock. Light colours signify day time, dark colours suggest night time.

Using the App:


Once you have launched the app, in order to make use of the app, you will need to set alarms/reminders. To do so, click on the ‘+’ icon on the top right corner of the app window, or the gear icon on the top left corner and select ‘Add Alarm’. You can also right click the menubar icon and select ‘Add Alarm’. 


On the ‘Set Alarm’ screen, you will have a large clock face that will allow you to adjust the time. You can click on the hour and minute segments individually and type in the alarm time you wish for the alarm to go off at, or use the up and down arrows on the side of the clock face to select the alarm time. The user interface’s background colour will change automatically in the back depending on the time of day the alarm is set to. Again, light colours for the morning and darker colours for the evening. 


In the box corresponding to ’Alarm Title’, you are free to click this and edit the alarm’s name to whatever you desire. The tick mark in the ‘Enabled’ box means that this alarm is set to ‘On’.


You can individually select the days of the week you wish to Repeat the alarm. This could be once a week or seven times a week, should you desire.


Clicking the ‘Allow Snooze’ button allows you the option to be able to snooze the alarm you have set, when it goes off. By default, the alarm snooze time is set to 10 minutes, but this can be edited, which is shown below in the Preferences panel options.


Alarm Sounds:


Timeless features 20 pre-embedded alarm sounds. Simply click on the alarm sounds drop down to change the default ‘Alarm Clock 1’ sound to any other from the list. 


You can even have the app feature no sound, by selecting ‘None’.


You can enable the app to play a sound of your own. Scroll to the bottom of the alarm sounds drop down and select ‘Add Custom Sound’. You will then be presented with a Finder window where you can select any sound file on your Mac to use as an alarm. 


Click ‘Play’ next to the selected alarm sound to hear what the alarm tune sounds like. 


Tick ‘Fade In’ if you would like the alarm sound to fade in, instead of start loudly.


Lastly, adjust the volume bar to your desired amount. As you adjust the volume bar, the alarm sound you have selected from the list (or on your own), will play in the background so that you can choose the appropriate sound level to your liking. 


Once you are satisfied with your alarm, kindly click ‘Confirm’ on the bottom right corner.

Once you have confirmed your alarm, you will be returned to the main app window, where you will see your list of alarms and reminders. Please see the example image below to gain an insight into a typical list of alarms a user could have.

Alongside each alarm, you will see a small countdown to when the alarm/reminder is set to go off.


Editing, Deleting, Disabling/Enabling Alarms:


You have the option to edit an alarm by double clicking on it or right clicking the alarm title for that particular alarm, and selecting ‘Edit Alarm’. When you right click an alarm, you are presented with a pop up window containing 


Similarly, by right clicking a particular alarm, you can also choose to disable/enable it. When you disable an alarm, it fades out and moves to the bottom of the list of alarms on your app window. Right click the alarm to enable it again.


You can delete an alarm by right clicking (Control+Click or two finger tap) on it and selecting delete.

Alarm Ringing:


When you alarm goes off, you are presented with a pop up box on your screen. This box gives you the option to Stop the alarm or Snooze it. The alarm pop up will also feature the Alarm Title message, in order to remind you of what the alarm corresponds to.

Nightstand Mode:


There are many ways to enter our beautiful full screen Nightstand mode in Timeless. This mode displays the entire clock and alarm modes in full screen. Here is how you can enable Nightstand Mode:


i) By clicking on the gear icon on the top left corner of the app window and selecting ‘Nightstand Mode’

ii) By clicking the green fullscreen button on your app window/right clicking the menubar icon and selecting ‘Nightstand Mode’ 

iii) By clicking Cmd + Enter when the app window is open on your screen

In general, the Nightstand mode shows the clock face on your Mac in full screen. It will also feature information about your next alarm due. 


When the alarm sounds, the screen features a soft bright hue. You will see the Alarm Title on the bottom right, reminding you which alarm is sounding. The popup on your screen will let you stop or snooze the alarm.



Click the ‘gear’ icon on the top left corner of the app window (or right click the menubar icon and select Preferences), to open the app’s Preferences panel.


General: This section allows you to edit the app’s quick launch hotkey and whether to enable the app to launch at login and hide/display itself on startup. You can also keep the app visible as a background app or even above all other apps on your screen. Lastly, you can show the icon in the dock as well as the menubar, should you wish to.

Alarm/Snooze: This screen lets you adjust the system volume if you click the tick box. This means that Timeless has the ability to make a Mac’s volume go to its highest when it sounds an alarm, even if the volume was previously low or muted. This ensures you don’t miss your alarms! You can also adjust the snooze time to whatever you fancy from the associated drop down menu (ranging from 1 minute to 1 day). 

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