Go for YouTube - User Guide

Last Updated: Jun 16, 2017 08:30AM IST

Go for YouTube is the best and most powerful Mac app for viewing YouTube. It is gorgeously designed to allow you to quickly access YouTube videos directly from your Mac’s menu bar.


First Launch:


The app functions as a menubar app. This means that as soon as you download the app and launch it, it’ll appear in the top menubar on your Mac’s screen as a small ‘play button’ icon, and by default the app window will hover on your desktop as a floating window.


Upon the first launch, you will notice that you will be presented with the default YouTube homepage, where you will not be logged in. Please enter your username and password using the ‘Sign In’ button on the top right corner of the app, and this will directly connect securely to your YouTube account and keep you logged in. We do not capture or store any of your personal data. Alternatively, you can continue to browse YouTube using the app without having to sign in either. 

Using the App:


The app launches in desktop view. This is the full fledged YouTube browser experience.


Within the app window, all functionality is exactly how you expect it, as you have been accustomed to on the YouTube.com website. Please note that full screen video is not supported when the app is in HTML5 Viewer mode via the Preferences.


We have add a few buttons on the main app window on the top that allow you to run certain functions:

Home icon: By clicking this, you are instantly redirected to the YouTube homepage, regardless of the screen you’re currently on.


Left/Right Arrow icons: These buttons allow you to go back (left arrow) and forth (right arrow) between pages you have previously visited.


Refresh icon: Click this to refresh the current page you are on.


Expand icon: These expand arrow icons allow the app to go into fullscreen when clicked.


Gear icon: Clicking this opens up the option to enter the Preferences panel, along with the ability to Reset the App window to its default position, Quit the app immediately, etc.




Upon opening the Preferences panel, you are met with a small window offering a range of options:


General Tab: 

This tab allows you to set a customizable hotkey to pop up the app window on your screen. By default, this hotkey is set to ^Y (Ctrl + Y). 


You can also toggle On/Off the ability to:

  1. Start the app at login
  2. Have the app window Hide at startup/login (When this is set to On, the app window is minimized when your Mac is booted up)
  3. Keep tab running in the background as a visible app whose window is open
  4. Keep tab above other apps, so it is always present on the forefront of your Mac’s screen
  5. Show the app icon in the Dock so you can access the app from both the Dock and the menubar
  6. Have the auto correct spelling when/if required.


Notifications Tab:

The Notifications preferences tab allows you fully customize the sounds and visual alerts for all notifications served by Go for YouTube. Notifications are served to you whenever a new video is released by any of the channels that you are subscribed to.


Sound: By default, the system sound we use within our app for notifications is ‘Submarine’. You can choose from an array of sounds that suit your tastes from the drop down menu next to ‘Sound’.


Show Unseen Count: Alongside any unseen notification alerts for new videos from channels you subscribe to, you can also have the app show you the count for how many unseen videos there are. This count can show up both on your menubar as well as your dock icon, should you wish.


System Preferences: Click on the ‘Notifications’ button to open the System Preferences for notifications on your Mac, and be able to customize them accordingly.


Appearance Tab:

Text Size: Click on this drop down to change text size that you seem within the app window to be Small/Medium/Large.


Window Opacity: Toggle the Opacity slider to make the app window translucent, in order to run the app with a stealthy appearance.


Remove Ads: Ticking this option will block out any banner ads that appear on Go for YouTube. You can untick the tick box to have these ads appear again. 


Pause video when window is hidden: Selecting this option will auto-pause a video as soon as you minimize the app window.


Resume when window becomes active: If a video is auto-paused upon minimizing the app window, it will remain paused even when the app window is made active. However, you can select this option to have the video auto-resume when the app window is active again.


Use HTML5 Video: When this mode is activated, the app uses HTML5 to play videos. Please note that this mode does not support full screen video viewing.




Full Screen Mode: 


To run the app in fullscreen, click on the green ‘maximize to full screen window’ button on the top left corner of your Go for YouTube app window.


Resizing and Positioning the App Window:


You can drag the app window from any corner to reposition it on your screen and also resize it as you desire.

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