Weather Guru - User Guide

Last Updated: Jun 16, 2017 08:29AM IST
Weather Guru is a beautiful and highly accurate weather app for your Mac. With its gorgeous and easy to use interface, the app provides accurate hourly weather forecasts and always keeps you updated.

The app functions as a standalone app, and runs in its own window. The app window can be moved around to wherever you wish on your screen.

Upon the first launch, you will notice that you will be presented with a welcome screen which lets you select whether you would like the app to Start at Login (we recommend you tick this box as it means that the app will launch whenever you boot your Mac, providing you weather information at all times, with ease). 

You will next have the app window presented in front of you, and the app will use your Mac’s location (use the arrow button on the top right corner for accuracy) to present you with accurate and up to date information about the weather in your local area, as seen below in this example.
The large temperature figure displayed is the current temperature in your local area. You can use the search bar on the top to search for any location worldwide. Simply type in the bar and hit the ‘Return’ (Enter) key to choose a location of your choice, as seen below:

You can favorite each location searched for by pressing the 'star' icon next to the location. This will add the location to your list of favorites, which you can access by pressing on the three horizontal lines button.
Please see the image below to better understand a description of some of the features seen before you in the app. The image to the left of the large temperature figure shows the kind of weather in the area you have selected to be displayed. In the example below, the weather is partly cloudy. 46 degrees Fahrenheit is the current temperature in the example below, with the smaller figures of 56 and 30 degrees being the highest and lowest figures, respectively. 

Seen above, 3mph shows the wind speed. 0% with the umbrella sign next to it shows the percentage chance of rain and 44% with the rain drop image next to it shows the percentage level of humidity. The day, date and year is provided towards the top of the app window.

Please see the summarised images below, which show the temperature and weather conditions at different times of the day for the location you have chosen. You can use your trackpad/mouse to scroll through the times of day simply by hovering over the temperature timings and scrolling left/right. 

You can even hover over the different temperature times to get a pop up summary of the highs/low, wind speed, chance of rain and humidity levels at that time. Please see an example below:

Finally, at the bottom of the app window, you will see the weather forecast predictions for the week ahead. The summarised view includes the highs and lows with each corresponding day. You can then click into the day of your choice to see a detailed breakdown of the weather for that day, just as you would for the present day.

The app also serves daily weather notifications that appear on the top right corner of your Mac’s window. This is Today’s summary for the weather (you can choose to disable this feature should you wish). Please see an example below:

The app also shows you the weather information on your Mac’s menubar, as seen below:

You can access the app’s Preferences panel by hitting Cmd + , (Command and comma) or by right clicking and selecting Preferences. The preferences panel can be seen below:

The app’s preferences panel lets you toggle the app window to appear via a hotkey, which you can select. By default, this is Ctrl+W. You can then choose for the app to start at login and whether you wish to show or hide the window at startup. You can also have the app window run constantly on your desktop as a background app, or even appear in front of all other apps by having the tab appear above the others. You can also choose to have the app icon in your Mac’s dock, which will also show a small temperature gauge for the temperature at that time. You can toggle the menubar icon to appear or disappear, and lastly, you can choose to enable or disable the ‘Today Summary’ in the form of notifications.

All weather information is provided by the hugely accurate and reliable DarkSky service, which auto refreshes at timely intervals.
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