Go for WhatsApp - User Guide

Last Updated: Jun 16, 2017 08:29AM IST
Go for WhatsApp is the slickest and most efficient way to access WhatsApp on your Mac. With its gorgeous and easy to use interface, the app ensures you are always kept up to date with your messages, without the need to constantly keep checking your phone.

The app functions as a standalone app, and runs in its own window, provided it is successfully paired with the official WhatsApp app running on your phone. The app window can be adjusted and moved around to wherever you wish on your screen.

Upon the first launch, you will notice that you will be presented with the following screen, which will ask you to scan the QR code on the app window from your phone. On your phone, you must open the WhatsApp app, go to Settings and then select WhatsApp Web. This will then give you the option to scan the QR code from your phone, in order to pair the desktop app and the official mobile app together. 

Once you have successfully paired the mobile app with the desktop app, you will be presented with your entire list of open WhatsApp chats in a clear, coherent manner. 

The left hand side of the app window will showcase the name of the contacts with whom you have a chat dialogue open, all laid out in chronological order. The right hand side of the app window will show the chat body of the conversation you have selected from the list. 

To start chatting in existing open chats, simply select a chat dialogue from the left hand side column of the app window, and it will expand on the right hand column. You can then use your keyboard on your Mac to simply type in that conversation as you please.

To start a new chat, click the chat bubble icon seen on the top left side of the app window and select the contact you wish to start chatting with.

The three vertical dots icon next to the chat bubble lets you start a New Group conversation, view your Profile (and Status), get Help directly via WhatsApp Web’s support panel and also Log Out. 

Use the search bar on the top left column to search keywords within both chats and contacts. 

Note: Please ensure your mobile device and your Mac are in close proximity as the pairing between the two allows you to stay connected to WhatsApp on your Mac through your phone. 

Please refer to the image below for a clearer look at how the app window should appear on your Mac.

By default, when you receive a new message, the menubar icon turns red. If you have the app set to run from your dock as well, then there will be a numbered badge appear on the dock showing how many unread messages you have at that moment.

Full Screen:

To go full screen with the app window, simply click the expanding arrows button on the top right corner of the app window. 


You can access the app’s Preferences panel by hitting Cmd + , (Command and comma) or by right clicking the menubar icon and selecting Preferences. You can even click the gear shaped icon on the app window (top right corner) and select Preferences. The preferences panel can be seen below:
Under the General tab, the app’s preferences panel lets you toggle the app window to appear via a hotkey, which you can select. By default, this is Ctrl+F. You can then choose for the app to start at login and whether you wish to show or hide the window at startup. You can also have the app window run constantly on your desktop as a background app, or even appear in front of all other apps by having the tab appear above the others. You can also choose to have the app icon in your Mac’s dock. 

Under the Notifications tab, you have the option to change the sound of the notifications you receive on your Mac for every new message. Furthermore, under General Notifications within this menu, you can toggle on/off the options to Play sound on receiving a notification, show a popup notification on the top right corner of your Mac’s window, make the menubar icon turn red and make the dock icon show a numbered badge corresponding to how many new messages you have. 
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