Audio Recorder - User Guide

Last Updated: Jun 16, 2017 08:36AM IST

Audio Recorder is a sleek menubar app that makes it easy to start recording audio at a click of a button. You can use it to record voice notes, lectures, meetings, interviews and much more. It supports high quality audio recording and playback. 


First Launch & Using the App:


The app runs in your menubar on the top of the screen on your Mac. On first launch, you are presented with a launch dialog that appears as follows:

You may either Dismiss this dialog box or simply click on the microphone menubar icon for Audio Recorder, and begin recording right away. 


To record audio, simply click the menubar icon and select ‘Start Recording’, as seen below.

Once you start recording, you’ll notice the menubar icon display the elapsed time of the recording as the app continues to record audio. You will also notice the menubar microphone icon showing coloured movement according to the level of audio input it is receiving.

In order to stop or pause a recording altogether, click on the menubar icon once again and select ’Stop’ or ‘Pause’ from the dropdown respectively. 

If you select ‘Pause’, your recording will pause until you select it to be resumed again. In order to resume a recording, simply select ‘Resume’ from the menubar icon’s dropdown list.


Alternatively, once you have stopped a recording, you will be presented with the audio file recording as follows:

You can listen to the recording by pressing the play button. You will notice, by default, the recording is Untitled before it is saved, but shows a detailed date and time stamp of when the recording occurred.


You may then ‘Discard’ the recording altogether or ‘Save’ it as you please in .aif or .mp3 format. If you choose save, you are then presented with the option to rename the audio recording and choose where you wish for it to be saved.

The recording will then be exported and saved, and you will receive a push notification regarding the same.



Click the menubar icon and select ‘Preferences’ to load up the preferences panel of the app.

In the preferences panel, you can set the app to start at login, show up as an icon in your dock and also select whether or not you wish for the intro window dialog to pop up each time on launch.
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