Gif Recorder - User Guide

Last Updated: Jun 16, 2017 08:36AM IST

GIF Recorder is a sleek menubar app that makes it easy to start recording your screen and creating a quick .gif file out of it. You can use it to record your screen (or a partial segment of it) and can adjust the image quality and file size of the recorded .gif as a result.


First Launch & Using the App:


The app runs in your menubar on the top of the screen on your Mac. On first launch, you are presented with a launch dialog that appears as follows:

You may either Dismiss this dialog box or simply click on the GIF screen menubar icon for GIF Recorder, and begin recording right away. 


To record your screen, simply click the menubar icon and select ‘Start Recording’, as seen below.

Once you press ‘Start Recording’, your screen will dim down and you will be presented with the ability to click down, drag and select as much of your screen that you would like to record. 

Once you have selected the section of your screen that you would like to record, you will then see a button appear to ‘Start Recording’.

Once you have begun recording, the app will automatically begin to record all the movements occurring in the selected section of the screen. Once you are satisfied with the length and nature of your recording, you can click on the ‘Stop Recording’ button which will appear right below the selected segment of your screen that is being recorded. Once you click this button, a pop up dialog as seen below will appear, allowing you to save and export the screen recording as a .gif. 

Once you have named the .gif file and hit export, the file will begin to convert into a .gif, the progress of which will be seen on your menubar.

Once this is done, you will see an notification appear to show you that the export is complete.

The .gif will be exported to the desired location you previously chose, and to view the file, simply click on it from where it has been saved.




Click the menubar icon and select ‘Preferences’ to load up the preferences panel of the app.

In the preferences panel, you can set the app to start at login, show up as an icon in your dock and also select whether or not you wish for the intro window dialog to pop up each time on launch.


You can also drag to adjust .gif recording frame rates. The higher the selected frame, the smoother the .gif will be, but the larger its file size will be as well.


You can also toggle mouse click to appear or not in your screen recording. These clicks will appear as quick bubbles whenever the mouse is clicked whilst the screen is being recorded.


Lastly, you can adjust the playback frame rate (the higher the fps, the smoother the playback will be in the .gif file). You can also set the .gif to loop and repeat as an image or not. You can let it loop between 0 - 100 times, or even infinitely so. The repeat delay allows you to adjust the delay that occurs between the looping of the .gif image, between 0 and 60 seconds.
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