Space Drop - User Guide

Last Updated: Jun 16, 2017 08:28AM IST

Space Drop is a great utility app for easing the way in which you drag and drop items on your Mac, by making the entire procedure a lot quicker and simpler. It does this by creating a useful file dock that appears when you begin dragging a file. It then allows you to quickly drag and drop files into this dock, from where you can later navigate and arrange to copy these items to locations of your choice.


First Launch


The app runs as a menubar item, appearing on the top bar of your Mac. Upon first launch, you are presented with a Welcome dialog, which gives a brief overview of what the app does.


You will also notice the quick access Space Drop icon appear on your Mac’s top menubar. 


Using the app:


Firstly, we recommend that you right click on the menubar icon and select the window position for Space Drop. This is where the app’s dock for dragging files into will appear. By default, it is the to the middle of your Mac’s screen, on the left edge. 



Under the Welcome tab of the menu seen on your screen, you can navigate to Preferences, where you can select a range of options.

You can use this menu to select a hotkey to bring up or hide the app window on your screen.


Further, you can also set the app to run at login, enable/disable items like the preferences menu to show up, whether the app runs in your menubar or your dock, and whether or not you wish for items to be removed from the Space Drop window once they have been dragged out of there.

You have an option of two types of drag modes. Copy files means that when you drag a file into Space Drop and subsequently drag it out to a new destination, it will make a copy of the file. Move files means that it will physically move the file to the new location when you drag the file out of Space Drop.

Please note: Files/Folders will be copied and not moved, even if you have the Drag mode set to 'Move files' if you are attempting to move files from one storage drive to another storage drive. This is a mechanism within macOS which we do not have control over.

Window Behaviour:


Under this menu of the Preferences panel, you can determine the window behaviour of the dock. You can have the app automatically show the drop window dock as follows, where by default, the drop window appears when you begin dragging:

You can also select which apps Space Drop should remain hidden or shown for, an exception list per se. To add an app to this list, click on the ‘+’ icon on the bottom of the screen, as can be seen below:

Apps to be added within the exceptions list show up as follows:



Use this menu to set the background colour (from a infinite colour palette) of the drop window. Use it to also control the dock window opacity level via the sliding bar, and also to enable/disable any animations.
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