Screen Tint - User Guide

Last Updated: Jun 16, 2017 08:28AM IST
Screen Tint is a handy utility app that is designed to reduce the brightness of your Mac’s screen. This is particularly useful for users with sensitive eyes and for those that wish to use their Mac in a darker environment that is less taxing on their eyes. 

First Launch:

The app functions as a menubar app. Upon first launch, you are presented with a welcome screen, as  seen below. This gives an overview of what the app does, and how you can access the app’s preferences via the menubar icon located on the top bar of your Mac’s screen. 
Using the App:

Once you have launched the app and seen the Welcome panel, please proceed to select the Preferences menu from the column on the left. Alternatively, you can also access the Preferences panel by clicking on Screen Tint’s menubar icon on the top of your Mac screen and selecting Preferences from the drop down panel that follows.

The Preferences panel will appears as follows:
Enable Screen Tinter: You can use the Preferences to toggle the tinting function on/off by dragging the corresponding slider. This manually lets you run/control the tint function.

Start at Login: This function, when set to On, means that Screen Tint launches whenever you boot up your Mac.

Show icon in dock: Selecting this mode shows the Screen Tint app icon in your Mac’s dock, which acts as an additional means of launching the app along with the existing menubar icon.

Hide window on app launch: Setting this mode to On means that when the app launches from scratch, the app window does not show up, but instead the app is already minimised directly to your menubar.

Tint Color: Select from seven preset hues to tint your screen. Alternatively, click on the colour palette box and personalize the tint colour to any colour you desire. 

Color Intensity: Slide this bar across to select the level of intensity of the tint from minimum/dull to maximum/bright.

Pro Tip: We recommend the use of a warm tint when working at night and a cool tint when working under artificial light.

Run on a Schedule: This mode, by default, is set to ‘Off’. However, if you wish for your Mac’s screen to be automatically tinted (for e.g., auto dimming past 9.30pm at night to ease the strain on your eyes), then set this mode to the On position. 

Enable Between: When the app is scheduled to run automatically on a timer, use the up/down arrows to select a start and end time for your tint schedule.

Lastly, if you have the app set to run on a schedule, it will only run between the start and end times that you have specified. However, at any point should you wish to override the schedule and have the tint function run/stop immediately, then you can click the menubar icon, and follow the arrow where the schedule time is stated, and select Enable/Disable now.
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