Window Focus - User Guide

Last Updated: Jun 16, 2017 08:28AM IST
Window Focus is an essential utility that helps you to focus on what’s important. The app highlights the current working application and dims all the others in the background. 

First Launch:

The app functions as a menubar app. This means that it resides in the top menubar on your Mac’s screen, from where you can easily access the app and adjust your focus effects and settings.

When you first launch the app, you will be presented with a Welcome screen giving you a brief overview of the app, and you will also see the Window Focus menubar icon appear in the top menubar on your Mac.
Using the App:

Once you have launched the app and seen the Welcome panel, please proceed to select the Preferences menu from the column on the left. Alternatively, you can also access the Preferences panel by clicking on Window Focus’ menubar icon on the top of your Mac screen and selecting Preferences from the drop down panel that follows.

The Preferences panel will appears as follows:
Enable Window Focus: If you tick this option, the app is functional and only the current application window you have open will be in focus; all others in the background will be dimmed.

Start at Login: This function, when selected, means that Window Focus launches whenever you boot up your Mac.

Hide preferences on startup: Setting this mode to run means that when the app launches from scratch, the app window does not show up, but instead the app is already minimised directly to your menubar.

Show dock icon: Selecting this mode shows the Window Focus app icon in your Mac’s dock, which acts as an additional means of launching the app along with the existing menubar icon.

Overlay Tint Colour: By default, this is set to a black hue. However, if you click the black box, you can select any colour you desire as the background tint colour, behind the app window that is in focus.

Overlay Opacity: You can use this slider to adjust the overlay opacity from minimal to a complete tint. For eg. Sliding the bar to the extreme right will mean that everything behind the app window in focus will be the solid tint colour with zero opacity.

Highlight: You can use the app to highlight either a single window within the current app that you have open (default), or all windows within the currently active app in question. 

Highlight windows on active display only: If you select this mode, only the currently open window on the active screen running on your Mac will be highlighted.

App Exceptions: Use this mode to disable dimming for specific apps. You can select which apps you wish to add to this list by clicking the ‘+’ button on the bottom left corner of this mode. You can also remove apps from this list by selecting them and then clicking on the ‘-‘ button.
Furthermore, you can always use the menubar icon on the top of your Mac’s screen to quickly enable/disable the Window Focus overlay functionality, and also to access the apps’ Preferences panel.
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