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Last Updated: Apr 03, 2018 04:32AM IST
Download Shuttle Pro is the most powerful download manager and accelerator for macOS. It breaks file downloads into multiple segments, allowing for a faster overall download speed than using a web browser. With our Pro version, you get access to our new media extraction browser, which allows you to download any file (videos, music, archives etc) that's embedded or linked on a web page that you scan.

First Launch and Using the App:

Upon first launching the app, you are presented with a blank screen asking you to click the ‘+’ button to add a file to download.
Upon hitting the ‘+’ button on the top right corner of your app window, you are presented with the following options.
Add Direct URL Download:

If you have the direct URL for the file to download, select this option and you will be presented with the following menu:
The menu above has the following functionality:

1) Download URL: Insert the URL for the webpage containing the item you wish to download. 

2) Download To: This allows you to specify which directory you wish the app to download the selected URL file to. By default, this is your Mac’s Downloads folder. Click Browse to open Finder and select the directory you wish to download the file to.

3) Filename: You can name/edit the filename for the soon-to-downloaded file here.

4) Total Segments: This lets you segregate the download into multiple segments. Typically, the higher the number of segments, the more your bandwidth is maximized, resulting in a quicker download. By default, this is segmented into 5 portions.

5) Start Immediately and Requires Authentication: Toggle these On/off if you would like your download to begin straight away and whether you want it to require an authentication from your system, respectively. If the file you want to download is protected with authentication, i.e. a password, you can enter in these details before starting the download.

6) Begin downloading at: If the ‘Start’ Immediately’ option is not ticked, then you can schedule the download to begin at a specific date and time of your choice.

Click the ‘Add’ button to commence forth with your multi-segmented download. 

You will then proceed to the Download Management screen where you can view your active and completed downloads. You have the ability to pause/resume these downloads as you please by click on the small round pause/resume icon to the right of the download progress bar. The active downloads on your screen will appear as follows, where the broken up columns in the progress bar represent each downloaded segment.
Upon completion, you are presented with the elapsed time it took and the average download speed you witnessed. You can click the magnifying glass icon next to the downloaded file to be navigated to the file in Finder.
You will also notice a pop up notification appear on the top right corner indicating a completed download, as seen below:
Scan a Website for Downloads:

If you select this option from the app’s default screen, you will be presented with the following page:
Simply enter a web link into the address bar at the top of the website scanner and a list of downloadable content will be displayed, allowing you to pick which files you would like to download from that particular URL. This is useful for downloading embedded content, such as video and audio. 

Once you enter a URL, click the ‘Enter’ key or hit the right arrow button next to the address bar on the top right hand corner of your screen. Thereafter, the Download Shuttle Pro browser will now load the website URL that you directed it to, and all downloadable content will be displayed at the bottom of the screen, as seen below. Please ensure you begin playing the embedded media content to allow the scanner to detect the respective download link.
You can now select the files you wish to download by click on the tick box to the left of the file(s) in question and in order to download, click the ‘Add Selected’ button on the bottom right corner.

Once you do this, the files you selected are presented in their own URL download window, and the segmented download process is identical to the ‘Add Direct URL Download’ procedure shown above.


Hit Cmd + ,  (command and comma) when the app window is open or hit the gear icon in the bottom right corner of the app window to open the Preferences menu.
The Preferences panel allows you to customise a number of options.

Behaviours: Under this menu, you can control where the files are downloaded by default, along with the ability to clear out the list of completed/failed downloads. You can also automatically adjust the file extension in case there is none or it is incorrect.

Notifications: You will be able to toggle pop up notifications on/off, control when and how they appear and edit the notification sound.

Theme: You have the option here to choose between and light and dark theme.
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